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Last Checked: April 25, 2014

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The people who enjoy better game play are those who really invest on their characters. There are online games that are Free-to-Play and would not require purchases for you to play the game, but there are some limitations to your access. A free Runescape membership would unlock a maps and quest for you to play the game more. You would get better items with a premium membership. You would also be able to compete better with other players who also invest on their characters. A well-invested character truly has its perks.

To be able to play the Premium version of the game, you would need to purchase the membership. It is about nine dollars for you to play the game for thirty days. Players of these online games are normally kids. These kids do not have credit cards. The only way for them get money is through their allowance. Saving up for a membership for them to play these games can be hard for them. Getting a free membership would allow them to enjoy their games without making unnecessary purchase every month. It is also a good way to keep your kids at home instead of worrying about where they are after school. Kids who have the hobby of playing online games would prefer to stay home and play favorite game.

If you are a seasoned player of MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, You would know the value of a well-equipped character. This would add boost to your regular stats, it improves the survival chances of your character, and helps boost your character so that this is stronger. In Runescape, You can only get the good equipments in the Premium game. Also this would allow you to play other maps and quest which would give you more character experience that would help your character level -up faster. With limited quests, maps, and poor quality equipment, you may not enjoy playing Runescape on the Free-to-Play servers. This is the reason why it would be best to get the Premium membership. The membership fees add up and can be costly after playing the game for a long time. Runescape is entertaining but can really be really entertaining but can be a really expensive hobby. It is wonderful news that a software can provide you free membership for you to enjoy the game without making monthly purchases to get premium service.

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It is really tragic when your account gets hacked and your character is stripped off its valuable equipment. If you fully invested on your character, this can be a really disappointing. All the money you spent would be put to waste. It can be hard to retrieve these items as these are virtual goods and have no value at all. It is not worthwhile to be spending so much on these virtual items. This is the reason why it would be better to use a codes generator to provide you with free Runescape membership that would allow you access to the premium features of the game. In case this happens, you would not feel so sorry for the loss. You can grab a copy of the membership codes generator through Free Runescape Memberships for you to start playing Runescape with full game access.

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There are a lot of users on Runescape doing quests, fighting monsters, gaining xp for their players and playing mini-games. This is all fine and dandy except for the fact that when you run out of things to do on the free worlds, you find yourself twiddling your thumbs with nothing left to do but pay for the monthly membership. Playing on membership servers which unfortunately costs money every month. Many players go to their local retail store to buy Runescape membership cards for $7.95 USD which I believe is a total ripoff!
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This all began back when I was going through Desert Treasure, and they unfortunately did NOT have free Runescape membership cards back then, you actually had to pay with a credit card. And my bank failed to mail me a new debit card in time to renew my membership before my card became expired. So imagine my anger when I had to wait three weeks on a Free 2 Play server before I finally got my new card in the mail. Thankfully, if you must know the ending of this story, I finished the quest and finally got my quest cape.

Soon after that Runescape decided to make it easy on their devoted, or shall we say highly addicted, players by releasing Runescape membership cards that you can buy in one or three month membership increments that you can purchase by simply walking right into your local Wal-Mart or gas station, buying the card, and entering your code to play on a members server for another month or three.

My friends and I got together and talked about this, and decided to finally do something about getting a free month of Runescape. Back when I started playing it was an even $5.00 a month to play. Gameplay was fine in my opinion, but then they try to upgrade to compete with World of Warcraft and their load times are now laggy, their clan games are laggy, and for this, they raise the membership price to $7.95 a month. How fair is that? Slower load time and more money from you.

We first noticed that the 90 day membership cards are COMPLETELY random. We computer analyzed every used code we had, and could find nothing in common. BUT we did find numerous similarities in the 30 day membership cards. So we entered all of these 30 day membership codes we had into our little program that we made that was able to crack the patterns between the cards and their numbers. When we found the patterns, we made a program to replicate Jagex’s generator rules, and duplicate their own code generator. So we passed it on to you so you don’t ever have to figure out where you left off on a master quest after a month of having literally no bank space on a free server.

So you’re wondering what exactly a free Runescape membership can do for you? As a free 2 play member you are limited to 6 cities, a large swamp area, and a goblin infested bridge with about 25 free quests, and limited (VERY limited) city tasks. As for levels, I believe you can only level up 10-12 levels out of about 25. You’re game play is limited, and is generally beneficial for someone who has just started playing. As a member the entire world opens up for you. Mini games are accessible, 100+ members quests are unlocked, better equipment and rewards are available, and another 10 or so skills to level are opened as well. On top of that, you have almost unlimited bank access. Which is essential for efficient game play.

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